Parallel Hearts (Pandora Hearts)

Song: Parallel Hearts
Artist: FictionJunction
Anime: Pandora Hearts
Translator: Kikyosama (transliterator) and Firebomber (translator)

Parallel Hearts

We’ve seen the path and power that we need to change the future;
Within our dreams, they stir…

Inside all of the noise,
I can hear your heart crying out, all alone…
I met it with just joys,
And turned all of my weakness into stone…

But only you can say why,
Down that path, your feet were racing;
When you were chasing
A different sky…

We wished for strength to help us face the future,
And all that time, you kept a smile that never deterred,
While being held by past chains of lament,
Until you can return to the present…

When my wish was first clear,
I wanted to know about you–all the parts…
I was gripped by fear,
Because of the huge gap between our hearts…

By understanding all of
The things we didn’t understand,
Then on this road planned,
We can rise above…

All of your sadness, and all of your pains,
I wanted to hug and break all of your chains…
But what if as I keep on running, I just keep becoming more restless?
How far do I have to go until I reach the end of all of this?

Inside all of the noise,
I can hear a voice calling softly–your singing…
Before my eyes–destroys
My heart and my body rejected… vanishing…

Please give me strength I need to change the future,
And you know, because in darkness your smile occurs,
When I’m supposed to walk alone under my
Own sky, I soar high–

We wished for strength so we can link our two hearts,
And from now on, a pair of matching smiles we will impart,
While lost in a love that breaks our chained hearts free,
Until I can return to the real me