Game: NieR
Composed by: Keiichi Okabe
Instrumental by: RO☆D

Lyrics (Base):

Here, on the outside
Of, the home I once knew
There, you always tried
To raise me next to the flower’s hue

Now, I’m missing you every day
I wish I could find a way
To bring your smiling face back here into the light
If the world should fall to despair
I’ll still make it through, I swear
I’ll escape in the night,
And I,
Will always remember your lunar tear’s light

Here, on the outside
Though, still staying near
We, talk and confide
And tell stories about the things we hold dear

Now, let it be carved into stone
So one day we can atone
Or maybe we’ll run and escape from the shade inside
If, humanity comes to an end
I’ll see you again, my friend
One day we will find our salvation has
Taken shape and held us as we cried

(Rain of Light addition: )
Now, I’m missing you every day
But surely I’ll find a way
To bring your ever kind smile back here in the light
I know, the world has fallen to despair
But you left it in my care
Maybe one day we will stand here
And be pelted by this rain of light

(Salvation live addition: )
Now, I’m missing you every day
But surely I’ll find a way
To bring your ever kind smile back here in the light
I know, the world has fallen to despair
But you left it in my care
I’ll hold on to that as your memories fade to white

Now, let it be carved into stone
‘Cause one day we will atone
And find a new life in this world we cherish so much
If, there’s no way to start anew
All I can say is “thank you”
For all that you did for me
And all of the salvation in your soft touch


Isabella’s Farewell

Anime: The Promised Neverland
Composed by: Takahiro Obata


We live in a small neverland
Peaceful and serene…
We work and play here hand in hand
And chase after our futures with fleeting dreams

We live in a neverland
Never to be seen
With this happiness, you can
Enjoy this little time you have
With me…

I hold no remorse, no regrets, too
Just this one song carrying me through
Is this what it means to keep living each day?
But I know it’s my only way

And yet, watching them grow so fierce and strong
Remembering when they used to be small
Never did I realize it felt so wrong
May you find the light past this wall…

Song 4 U (redo)

Game: Tales of Xillia 2
Original Song: Ayumi Hamasaki
Lyrics by: Niki

Song 4 U

“See you tomorrow,” you said,
Without thinking ahead,
Giving a smile in your usual glee…

“See you tomorrow,” you said,
But inside my head,
You’re always here with me…

Listen when I say,
If there ever comes a day,
When I can only see the things I lack…

In that moment, see,
Even if just for me,
The dusk sky fades to black…

The hand that I reach out to yours,
Can stretch out beyond the light,
Since there is a future we wish for…
With all our might…

I can hear you, and your feelings, too;
The way you cried, the way you stay who you are,
I will send it to,
Your distant star…

It will reach, you know, and even echo,
So I will stay the way I am,
And I will embrace all of your glow,
Even your sorrow…

Even now, my confidence,
Takes so much to convince;
There are times when I can’t step forward, too

If it’s a mistake,
Or a repeating ache,
I wonder what I would do?

If I just can’t make a choice,
There’s nothing to fret about;
But the change inside won’t find its voice
And sprout…

Tell me when it was; tell me what it was,
That made you decide to give up all of your goals;
Was it because
They tore at your soul?

Tell me what again, and tell me who, my friend
That picked you up and made you think that somehow
You just can’t let it end;
So we can move forward now…

To you,
Yeah yeah,
Yeah yeah,
Yeah yeah yeah yeah,
I believe in you and you believe in me

For you,
Yeah yeah,
Yeah yeah,
Yeah yeah yeah yeah,
I feel like I could soar through the sky…
If it’s just 4 U, I’ll always try

Kakariko Village

…yes I made lyrics for Kakariko’s theme song.

No they are not meant to be serious.

So relax, pull up a chair… and move on in. 8D


Come in to our small town
For when you’re feeling down
You can shoot some arrows
And forget your woes

Won’t you move in today?
We’ll build for you, so stay
We have resident cuccos
And at sunrise, they crow

Even through the fire
And through the sudden storm
Right here, you can retire
The volcano keeps us warm

Know if you’re feeling bored
The graveyard’s barely explored
Be it underneath a grave
Or in a secret cave

Just don’t meet the recluse
Or you’ll be spider juice
Don’t fall down under the well
Or you’ll enter hell

But surely it’s the only
Option to you now
For if you don’t move in, you see
You’ll be redead chow (*´◡`​*)

Phantom Thief F’s Scenario: Mystery of the Missing Diamond (Vocaloid)

This one… was hard. I’m not sure if all of it is timed perfectly–it works when I sing it, but people sometimes sing things differently. And it especially gets hard right before the “Oh really”. So, feel free to propose edits if you think a part doesn’t fit.

Song: Phantom Thief F’s Scenario: Mystery of the Missing Diamond
Producer: HitoshizukuP/Yama△
Art: Suzunosuke
Vocaloids: Miku Hatsune, Gakupo, Mayu, Rin Kagamine, Len Kagamine, Gumi, Kaito, Luka Megurine, Meiko, IA
Translator: VGPerson

Phantom Thief F’s Scenario: Mystery of the Missing Diamond

By chance, a letter arrived for us to see–how Fantastic!!
A notice coming from a phantom thief with brave glee…

A new journalist,
Spies the boarding gate in the midst,
And she runs searching for the criminal…

Did he forget something?
The auctioneer when he steps off board–
Just on time for the ring?
The mechanic comes by her own chord

The police are coming, too?
And the businessman that sickly spews,
Is he involved with the mafia?

Aboard a splendid ship,
There’s a secret auction;
All bid for a happy trip,
Brought by a fabled diamond…

Let’s disturb it so brilliantly–
The binding web of security;
Fantastic–the phantom’s crime–
Shall we start this time?

Are you ready?

Extravagant Fakes all around,
Joker starts all he’s wound;
Just like that, the die is cast for this perfect crime…

In order–cards are dealt this hand,
Moving on up, the Finale planned;
Finder–my camera will expose the truth…

Watch the magician’s show–
Does it carry a bad omen?
The starting time didn’t flow;
Hey, could it have been pressed, then?

Is the guard getting tense?
With rigorous control and high defense,
The police–
Is her glare directed at the mafia?

Wine spills to the ground–
The politician–is he lacking rest?
Next to him the doctor’s found;
“Drink this medicine,” she stressed…

The sweet waitress,
Offers wine with champagne to all the guests?
But the actress just wants whiskey on the rocks?

Turn your attention forward,
For the star of the night;
A fascinating award,
Sends excitement to a new height…

Without a gap to see,
The tight net of security…
Ah, surely it’s an impossible crime–
Shall we start this time?

Are you ready?

Bid in 8–raise hands so high,
Hammer dancing–again, we fly;
Greed, assets, and foolishness,
Is it all laid in this mess?

Suddenly, lights just blink on out,
Darkness takes up all about;
Show’s curtain is raised by a gunshot…

Just ten seconds, and the power’s back…
Was it an accident?
Where did that gunshot come from in the black?
That the luggage review didn’t prevent…

Now the glass on the window is broken?
Wide enough for a person…
“Hey, come on, they fainted!” Yaaaah!

3, 2, 1, Action!

The politician, fallen and red,
Who the doctor tends without a bed,
And behind them, the actress had dropped the
Glass that broke and had burst so free…

It was then cleaned up the waitress;
In the moment full of flapping stress,
Doves flee out the broken window,
As the mourning magician ends her show…

The mafia keeps laughing at her,
With the police watching his every stir,
And to her, the mechanic brings,
A report of the breaker’s trouble during things…

Next to her, the journalist keeps watching the scoop,
A bullet at her feet–but by who in this group?
And at what and why was it shot?

And as that question circled around and around,
The auctioneer’s shriek stopped all sound,
Announcing the end of the story as proposed;

Oh really…

The Diamond of Happiness disappeared,
Chaos in the hall has been smeared;
The guards look for the culprit more,
Just one unaccounted for…
(Say what?)

Did they break the window and jump on the deck?
Dive into the sea to leave this wreck?
Drifting on the sea is a silk hat now…

Suspect and diamond disappeared,
Into the darkness, the truth is smeared;
And just like that, the perfect crime’s show comes to an end…

In order–cards are dealt this hand,
Moving on up, the Finale planned;
With a front row seat, you who saw it all, can you expose the truth?

Endless Wedge (Vocaloid)

Song: Endless Wedge
Lyrics/Composition: HitoshizukuP
Vocaloid: Len Kagamine
Translator: GreenFoliage

Endless Wedge

In the winter air,
The smell of snow and sound,
Of wind is always there…

But I can still hear it–
Echoing all around–
Your soft singing still sits…

Do you remember the
Times that laughs came?
And every now and then, we couldn’t agree…

But because your gentle voice
Would call out my name,
The fights would be replaced by rejoice…

If I could just hold you,
Just once before my end,
Even though, I know that it cannot be true…

This wedge formed in my heart,
And can never be removed again;
All because of the “regret”–because of our depart…

The thing that you gave me was,
The happiness of my life;
The thing that you gave me was,
A tender smile through strife;
The thing that you gave me was,
A past that can’t come again;
The thing that you couldn’t give was,
Another year or ten…

How much has passed in stride?
The seasons just flew,
Since you were here by my side…

Every year, it still blooms–
That flower that we grew;
Come another spring, I’ll watch it resume…

And that bud–you know–
Has grown so much since the start,
Into a tree that looms, but I see you the same below…

Still smiling, still singing,
I hold it deep in my heart;
It’s become an endless wedge, forever ringing…

The thing that I gave you was,
Days of serenity;
The thing that I gave you was,
Tears falling to debris;
The thing that I gave you was,
Memories of that day;
The thing that I couldn’t give was,
The two of us today…

At night, when I find myself,
Alone and still awake…
I hear you sing for my sake,
Just a memory on a shelf…

Those times when I find myself,
Struggling not to cry…
The song that you gave me comes by,
Out from within myself…

I don’t want to make it a sad song that I now sing…
I don’t want to make it a sad song that…

I now sing…

May you always rest in peace,
All your pain is now released…
In this endless wedge forever,
With memories I’ll never sever…
The thing that you gave and what I have given to you,
They will always shine in my mind,
In such a bright hue…

In such a bright hue,
Your voice sings out so true…
It’s always still here,
And always still so clear…

Forever, you know…
(Forever, you know…)
I’ll still love you so…
(I’ll still love you so…)

Common Heroes (Vocaloid)

Song: Common Heroes
Lyrics: Suzumu (スズム)
Music/Main Offender: 150P
Guitar: Gibson (ぎぶそん)
Animation: Wannyanpu (わんにゃんぷー)
Support: Kara (空)
Main Design: Saine (さいね)
Video: Yuuki Iwakura
Vocaloids: Miku Hatsune, Gumi, Rin Kagamine, Mayu
Translator: AmeSubs

Common Heroes

The first cry rang somewhere above,
Coming so dim from tomorrow’s sky;
That wish that I dreamed of,
Can you hear it somewhere nearby?

“So common”, “so mundane”, “so foolish”,
I don’t speak well of it;
But you’re still so fresh
And so young; it’s still early for you…

Come, and join our events and spare time;
Giving up on our demise, this is…
The story of our crime.

Cry, and let it reach out to you,
Try, even when your path is gone,
Bright, shine in such a bright hue,
And just please hold on…

Fly, and aim for tomorrow,
Away, from your lonely despair,
Is a common hero…
“It has a lovely flair.”

All alone–a hiding wreak;
Exposing a fake–I can’t forgive easily;
Hey–is it perfect?
Realize it–“that it’s me.”

As we go on a thin road,
You say this game is fake and fixed in stone;
It’s fine–this path bestowed,
Because it’s ours, and just ours alone…

Isn’t it already okay to move forward?
The common silhouettes are restored…
Now, “more and more and more and more ahead.”

Relight, and let peace console,
Try, to rely on sense unplanned;
Dry, even with no miracle,
Please extend your hand…

Sly, adults just don’t know,
Our world, and how we progress;
There’s a phony hero…
“Sometimes, I’m serious.”

Falling into illusions;
The shadowy liar is to blame;
In the bog, the shadow runs;
Here is the lonely game…

You ran away from me,
With the fox’s corpse to askew;
“Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, I plea.”
“It can’t, it can’t, it can’t, it can’t be you…”

We struggle in this painful life…

Try, and let’s run through the crowd;
Cry, that name you just thought of,
Scream it oh so loud…

Rewrite, the start of the sorrow,
Future, and aim for tomorrow;
Be a common hero…
“I’m serious from now on.”