Common Heroes (Vocaloid)

Song: Common Heroes
Lyrics: Suzumu (スズム)
Music/Main Offender: 150P
Guitar: Gibson (ぎぶそん)
Animation: Wannyanpu (わんにゃんぷー)
Support: Kara (空)
Main Design: Saine (さいね)
Video: Yuuki Iwakura
Vocaloids: Miku Hatsune, Gumi, Rin Kagamine, Mayu
Translator: AmeSubs

Common Heroes

The first cry rang somewhere above,
Coming so dim from tomorrow’s sky;
That wish that I dreamed of,
Can you hear it somewhere nearby?

“So common”, “so mundane”, “so foolish”,
I don’t speak well of it;
But you’re still so fresh
And so young; it’s still early for you…

Come, and join our events and spare time;
Giving up on our demise, this is…
The story of our crime.

Cry, and let it reach out to you,
Try, even when your path is gone,
Bright, shine in such a bright hue,
And just please hold on…

Fly, and aim for tomorrow,
Away, from your lonely despair,
Is a common hero…
“It has a lovely flair.”

All alone–a hiding wreak;
Exposing a fake–I can’t forgive easily;
Hey–is it perfect?
Realize it–“that it’s me.”

As we go on a thin road,
You say this game is fake and fixed in stone;
It’s fine–this path bestowed,
Because it’s ours, and just ours alone…

Isn’t it already okay to move forward?
The common silhouettes are restored…
Now, “more and more and more and more ahead.”

Relight, and let peace console,
Try, to rely on sense unplanned;
Dry, even with no miracle,
Please extend your hand…

Sly, adults just don’t know,
Our world, and how we progress;
There’s a phony hero…
“Sometimes, I’m serious.”

Falling into illusions;
The shadowy liar is to blame;
In the bog, the shadow runs;
Here is the lonely game…

You ran away from me,
With the fox’s corpse to askew;
“Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, I plea.”
“It can’t, it can’t, it can’t, it can’t be you…”

We struggle in this painful life…

Try, and let’s run through the crowd;
Cry, that name you just thought of,
Scream it oh so loud…

Rewrite, the start of the sorrow,
Future, and aim for tomorrow;
Be a common hero…
“I’m serious from now on.”